Benefits of Massage Therapy During Your Pregnancy

Nerve Pain Improvement 

Sciatic nerve pain is normally experienced by a lot of women during the late stage of pregnancy since the uterus happens to rests on the lower back muscles as well as pelvic floor. As a matter of fact, the uterine pressure spreads the tension to muscles of the lower and upper leg, which leads them to swell and apply pressure on nearby nerves. A massage therapy addresses the swollen nerves by helping to treat the tension on the surrounding muscles. A lot of women have already experienced a significant decrease in the sciatic nerve pain through massage therapy. 

Other Potential Advantages of Massage Therapy During Pregnancy 

  • Improved circulation 
  • Reduced joint pain 
  • Reduced back pain 
  • Reduced edema 
  • Better sleeping patterns 
  • Improved oxygenation of muscles and soft tissues 
  • Reduced anxiety and stress 
  • Reduced headaches and muscle tension 

Precautionary Measures of a Massage Therapy During Pregnancy 

Just like some any other therapeutic technique to pregnancy wellness, women must discuss the massage therapy with their professional care provider during early pregnancy. The best approach to identify the risks of a massage therapy during pregnancy is to be informed as well as to work hand in hand with knowledgeable and experienced professionals. 

How to Properly Position Your Body During a Massage Therapy 

A lot of experts take into account the best position for women who are pregnant during a massage session is side-lying. Not only that, tables which give a small hole in which uterus can fit and still put pressure to the abdomen, allowing the abdomen to dangle, leading in uncomfortable stretching of the ligaments of the uterus. Consult a professional massage therapist like Melbourne pregnancy massage prior to your appointments especially the first one, in order to verify or make sure what body position they place their customers in during the session. 

Seek the Right Professional Massage Therapist 

It is very significant to seek care from the professional and highly experienced prenatal massage therapist. Professional therapists have already received trainings and tests beyond national standards for the therapists and how to address this pregnancy and massage needs. They have also an idea of how to position the body safely, properly as well as prevent strain to the ligaments of the uterus. Also, they are able to watch for signs of varicose veins and blood clots. Women also who have currently experienced pre-term constructions, bleeding or any of the conditions must speak with a professional health care service provider before receiving the massage service: 

  • Preeclampsia 
  • Pregnancy-induced hypertension 
  • High-risk pregnancy 
  • Recently gave birth 
  • Experiencing major swelling, sudden, severe headaches or high blood pressure 
  • Previous pre-term labor 

Is a massage session during pregnancy safe all throughout the whole stage of pregnancy? 

Women can start a massage therapy at any given point in time during their pregnancy stage – during the 1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester. A lot of facilities will definitely refuse to offer a massage therapy to pregnant women who are still on her 1st trimester because of the higher risk for miscarriage associated with the 1st twelve weeks of pregnancy. 

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